Holy Trinity Parish • St. Matthew Church in Plymouth, NH
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The Knights of Holy Family Council #10307 spend a lot of time out and about in the local community and traveling to centers of the Catholic faith. This selfless engagement and these personal journeys make HFC #10307 the unique and special council that it is.

Lenten Meal 2015; Roy R delivers $500 check to Food Pantry

Gerry Boyle pins Fr. Leo while Bishop Libasci looks on

Fr. Leo To be Awarded Distinguished Eagle Scout

Distinguished Eagle Scout Award to Fr. Leo

Memorial Day, 2015; Gerry Boyle

Keitzman!…Wrong side of the line!!

What Fun!!!

You got nothin’ to do??

Frank Boule & John Boyle

Clay Norwood; Honorary Dishwasher Boy

Spaghetti Supper 2014; Backroom Seating

Bill A & Bill K on Serving Line, 2014 Spaghetti Supper